Tattoo Artist Scott Campbell has been causing a storm recently with his unorthodox ways. Tattooing any arm that comes through a small hole in black cloth, but what comes out is entirely up to Scott. No prior consultation on design or conversation during the tattoo, the client has completely no idea on what will be the result.
Artist Scott teamed up with Lazarides Gallery in London to bring to life his Tattoo project titled “Whole Glory”

Scott Campbell is a New York–based American tattoo artist whose clients include Sting, Robert Downey, Jr., Courtney Love and Orlando Bloom including many others. He works from the studio “Saved Tattoo”

Would you give someone absolute control over your tattoo design?

The following three images are among the few tattoos he did for his project Whole Glory. beautiful work featuring soft lines contrasted against harsh thick black lines.

Take a look at some of Campbell’s regular work. Stunning pieces.