Of course you can tattoo over scars, but to make something beautiful out of a painful situation can make all the difference.
Some tattoos incorporate the scar into the design like this one for example.2d71cbc6f852f14bd3f6556caf03cce8.jpg By working with the flow of the scar, the artist was able to create a beautiful flowery watercolour scene that not only hides the scar, but incorporates it into the design.

Many people after surviving breast cancer just want to feel themselves again. Some women don’t want to have nipples tattooed back onto their reconstructed breasts, they want a beautiful design that both hides the scars and gives them back their femininity.
Tattoos are a great way to make you feel better about yourself, especially if you have a beautiful cover-up like this one.david_allen_cancer2.jpg Other people are a bit more playful with their choice of design, like these!
Tattoos helping people cope with a change of their bodies in a creative and artistic way.