A fantastic week at the Inkden Tattoo studio this week!
Amazing artist Jordan Oterski has been at the studio all week and has created some mind-blowing work.
Jordan works at Sacred Art Tattoo Manchester a custom multi award winning studio located in Chorlton just outside of Manchester, he specialises in Black and Grey Realism but loves to create his own organic pieces which gives him lots of freedom and creativity.

Check out this fantastic portrait of the clients mother!

Jordan even has a surprise when he realised last minute that his client was the owner of Ink den tattoo studio and his close friend Shamack! They had been working on a collaborative sculpture and this was the design.
Have a look at what they were working on and then look at how amazing the tattoo is!


And here is the tattoo inspired by the amazing sculpture collaboration!


Overall, it’s been a fantastic week with Jordan, and everyone at the Inkden Tattoo studio is super excited for him to return for another great guest spot.

You can find Jordan at his studio in Manchester – Sacred Art Tattoo Manchester, and check out his portfolio at their facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/sacredartmcr/
or his instagram: @jordan_oterski