Last week, it was Tattoo Artist Shamack’s turn to travel for a guest spot. This time it was in the town of Rybnik in Poland at Ink-ognito, a studio run and owned by Multi-Award Winning Tattoo Artist Tomasz ‘Tofi’ Torfinski.


First day at the Studio.
Shamack did an amazing freehand skull cover-up piece. The studio is home to many amazing artists including Darek “DOKTORE” Doktór, Karol Rybakowski, Piotr Ćwiek, Tomek Kołucki, Jakub ‘Hendrix’ Golebiewski and Przemysław ‘Sasky’ Sasor Body Piercer and owner of Banana – Ink.

BANANA-INK from 2010 takes part in tattoo conventions where the position prepared you can try to do tattoos, Professional tattoo machines and on the skin of a banana. Step by step, we translate the principles of the tattoo machine, the principle of using a tattoo machine, principle of hygiene …

The skin of the banana has the same properties as human skin, it can be tattooed outline, fill, shading …

Generally i translate from start to finish, what you need to do to perform the tattoo. It does not matter how old you are, of what culture you come from, whether you are the person tattooer, tattooing as you like to try it i will give you a possibility.


15977082_10154269690052157_865354253519516113_n  Before and After.

2nd day in Ink-ognito.


Batman v Superman Cover-up. Superman is hiding the cover-up!


A Fantastic Guest Spot at Ink-ognito Tattoo Studio and a great start to 2017!